Because there's more than one right way to be a family

What We Do

Family Story is shifting the conversation about families today from one of judgment, hopelessness, and despair to a beautiful new vision of families and family life to which we can each aspire. Our mission is to create a conversation that meets people where they are, embraces the dignity and value of a wider range of family arrangements, and elevates models that illustrate the wisdom and creativity of families today.

At the heart of almost every domestic policy issue we care about—poverty, housing, health, workplace, immigration, etc.—is the condition of the family. Our efforts to create a more equitable nation must include supporting America’s diversity of families.

Thankfully, many organizations are fighting for policies and practices that will do just that. But without challenging and correcting harmful beliefs about the evolving structure of America’s families, efforts to create the policies families need are hindered. Family Story does the communications, research, and storytelling work necessary to correct the most dangerous misconceptions about families today and to create new narratives about what makes a good family.

  1. Communications: Family Story promotes the ideas and fresh analysis necessary to reframe our understanding of families today and creates cultural campaigns that bring new perspectives to the national conversation.
  2. Research: The impact of popular narratives about the state of the American family today reaches far and wide. Our research agenda is designed to unpack beliefs, values, and aspirations about family by investigating public attitudes and media representation.
  3. Storytelling: The most powerful tool we have to shift perception about families in America is stories of the strength, beauty, and experiences of real families. We are collecting and sharing powerful stories that both push back against the dominant narrative about marginalized families and that expand people’s imagination about what family can look like.

Family Story works nationally and with state-based partners in California.